* Mantra is a tool of the mind used to deepen your meditation.

* Mudra helps bring focus of the mantra to your body creating a mind body connection.

This dream mantra was created to help bring awareness and remembrance of your dreams to your conscious mind.

Before going to sleep touch your thumb to each finger as you say each line and repeat 7 times

* I am connected to my dream body

* Circulation flows freely through my entire being

* I am balanced and attuned to my dreams

* I am at peace with myself and the universe

* I am open to the messages of my dreams

* My dreams are a source of enlightenment, power and peace

* Dream recall comes naturally to me with ease and comfort

* I remember my dreams

 Janice Neuzil

♥ Wolf Wellness Foundation.org
 © Janice Neuzil | All rights reserved


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